“How to Build a Small House Easily, Cheaply and in Just Days, Without Making Costly Mistakes

Follow my Simple Step-By-Step Plans to Learn How...

Dear Friend,

If you’re interested in building your own Small House then this will be one of the most exciting messages you ever read..

Because in the next 3 minutes I’m going to show you how to build your own custom Small House for a fraction of the cost of hiring a builder..

And how to avoid all the mistakes of builders that have come before you.

Hi, my name is Bob Mccann.

I’ve personally built over 300 small houses for my clients.

And I’ve experienced just about every building situation imaginable.

After years of mastering this unique trade, I’d like to personally teach you everything – and I mean everything – you need to know to build your Small House TODAY.

So you can save boatloads of money and time.

And so you can give yourself and your family a safe & beautiful home they’ll be proud to call their own!

Like you, I love the idea of Small Houses

They’e cost effective… minimalistic… cozy… and they give people like us FREEDOM.

Why pay an expensive monthly mortgage for space you really don’t need?

I say…

Only build what’s necessary, and then go enjoy your life!

It’s worked for me. And it’s worked for thousands of others.

It’s for this reason that I have a sincere desire to help people like you achieve this same kind of freedom.

And I believe it’s why I’ve become one of the most trusted professionals when it comes to this growing industry.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot of lessons.

“But the most important lesson is to get people - knowledgeable people - to guide you on your do-it-yourself project.”


If you’ll allow me, I’m here to be YOUR guide on your important journey.

I’m here to teach you everything you need to build your house with zero hiccups.

…so you can start your build today and feel confident in the process.

…and so you can ensure your security and safety for years to come.

I’ve put everything I know into a program called:

Small House Made Easy™
The Ultimate How-To Guide to Building a Small House

This program is the result of my 20 years of building Small Houses.

If it can happen… I’ve seen it.

If it can go wrong… it’s gone wrong on me!

But today, I’m considered one of the world’s leading authorities on Small House construction.

I’m also well-known in the Shipping Container Home industry – which has many parallels with Small Houses.

In fact, I’m so trusted in these circles that I’ve acted as a consultant for companies that would be considered my competition!

So here’s my unbreakable promise to you:

When you invest in this program today, you’ll have the ability to build your own Small House…

You’ll build it without headaches, mistakes, or irritating delays…

And you’ll do it for a fraction of what it would normally cost you if you didn’t have me as your guide…


Here Are Some of The Secrets You’ll Discover When You Invest in “Small House Made Easy™” Today...

When You’re Done With This Program You’ll Know More Than Most Professional Home Builders!

I Left Nothing to Chance! This Program Will Give You Everything You Need to Build a Seamless Small House ON TIME... THE FIRST TIME!

Let Me Show You All My Secrets to Get Land & Permits While Sidestepping The Nightmare of Red Tape... Paperwork... and Headaches Caused By Local Authorities

I’m also Going to Teach You How to Design Your Small House. This is The Funnest Part of the Build! And I’m Going to Pull Back The Curtain to Give You TONS of Great Ideas For Your Project!

So I have to ask…

How much would it be worth to avoid the mountain of obstacles waiting for you when you build your Small House?



The truth is, people just like you are losing tens of thousands of dollars in common mistakes when building their small homes without guidance.

Needless to say, this can turn into a VERY expensive project.

So the smartest thing you can do is get an expert on your side right from the start.

Since I’m that expert – and since I love helping do-it-yourselfers like you – I’m going to make you a limited time special promotional offer.

Having a consultant guide you through this process would require an investment of at least $5,000 (and that would still only get you a fraction of what’s included in this program).

But don’t worry, because I’m not going to ask you to spend anything like that kind of money!
For a limited time only, I’m making Small House Made Easy™ available for only…

Claim These Exclusive Bonuses If You Order Today

BONUS #1: The Best Types Of Wood For Building A Small Wooden House: $67 (YOURS FREE!)

You will get a book copy which will help you to avoid costly mistakes by choosing the wrong type of wood when building a house. This critical step if done right can save you literally thousands of dollars!

Тhe advantages and disadvantages of wood when it is being used as a building material, are defined based on its basic aesthetic, physical, physicochemical and mechanical attributes.

Some of the key takeaways:
- How to choose the most suitable type of wood for building your house
- How to properly maintain and preserve the quality of the wood in order to make it more durable

BONUS #2: Interior Design Which Turns Tiny Into Shiny: $67 (YOURS FREE!)

Everyone wants their home to look and feel it's absolute best. This is why you will get a copy of book which in depth covers essentials when it comes to interior of small houses.

When you have an ample space to work with, everything seems easy—but that also means costly furnishing, excessive details, and, sometimes, aesthetics over functionality.

We will share here a part of our experience, together with some inspirational images, to help you decide how to make the best use of your square footage available without the need for demolition or significant investments.

BONUS #3: The Best Ways To Heat A Small House: $67 (YOURS FREE!)

You will get a book copy on how to heat your small house the best and most convenient way.

We have analysed a dozen of solutions and presented you pros and cons of each to make your decision easier.

Choosing the right source of heat can affect the whole project concept and vice versa. You need to be aware of your individual needs and the possibilities the desired location has to offer.

Other things to consider are price, durability, and (dis)advantages of each selected type of heating system.

Finally, the installation and ease of use also play a significant role in the decision process.

BONUS #4: How to Reveal a Fraudulent Contractor and Protect Yourself: $67

A construction/home improvement project gone wrong can cost you more than just money. How to prevent and protect?

In this eBook you will learn:
➡️ Before You Hire: How to Choose Right and Reliable Contractor
➡️ Red Flags to Look for Before You Hire
➡️ Eliminate Risky Candidates and Hire With Caution
➡️ How to Pay Contractor and How to Avoid Any Legal Issues
➡️ Some Examples of Fraudulent Works

And You’ll Also Get a 7 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Just to make this the easiest decision you ever made, I’m going to include a 7 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

That means if you don’t absolutely love this program…

And if you don’t send me an excited email with pictures of your beautiful Small House…

Then I don’t want your money.

I’ll refund your full purchase price.

So here’s the smart way to do it…

Don’t decide now.

Get the program… go through it at your own pace… and decide later if it was worth your investment.

When you take this approach, it will be a complete no-brainer, wouldn’t you agree?

Regular Price $279+ Today $37

NOTE: Small House™ is a digital product. You will receive access to the entire system immediately after you order – even if it’s 2am!

A puny amount.

Especially when you consider you’re getting ME on your team (that’s over 20 years of building experience and crafting secrets)!

And well worth it when you consider all the expensive mistakes you’re about to avoid!

EVERYTHING you need to build your own Small House is right here in this program.

But you’ll have to act NOW.

The next time you come to this page it’s possible it will be more expensive.

Potentially up to 3X as expensive.

So SECURE your copy right now…

The ONLY option.

And get the most direct route to your Small House.

BE EXCITED that you choose to invest in your future.

And be proud that you’re taking a giant step closer to the home of your dreams!

You’ve read this far into this letter for a reason.

There’s a feeling inside you that KNOWS your home is just on the other side of saying YES today.

And remember…

You have absolutely nothing to lose!

If you don’t LOVE this program, just send me a 5 second email and I’ll refund every penny of your money.

That means you can discover ALL my secrets with absolutely ZERO risk.

So either you win… or you win.

Pretty good odds, right?

THAT’S how much I KNOW “Small House Made Easy™” is going to make your eyes pop with its abundance of valuable secrets.

The sooner you get started the sooner you’ll get your dream home.

So don’t wait one second longer.

Just click the “Add To Cart” button below and together let’s officially kick off your Small House project!

Yes! Only $37 - With A Full 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Risk Free Acceptance Form

Yes! I Want Instant Access Now!

I understand that I’ll be able to immediately download:

  • The complete Small House Made Easy step by step guide (version 2020) – over 50 pages of instruction with color illustrations and photos! ($67.00 value)
  • The “The Best Types Of Wood For Building A Small Wooden House” special report ($67.00 value)
  • The “Interior Design Which Turns Tiny Into Shiny (Must Have to Save Spaces)” special report – full size color photos ($67.00 value)
  • The The Best Ways To Heat A Small House” special report ($67.00 value)
  • The “How to Reveal a Fraudulent Contractor and Protect Yourself” special report ($67.00 value)

I understand that in addition to the guides and reports above, I also get:

  • FREE updates to all of these guides and reports for Life – I’ll be advised when any of these guides and reports are revised in the future. I can download the newest revision and always be up to date ($unlimited value)
  • A 7 Day Money Back Guarantee – If I am not 100% satisfied with the product, I can request a full refund… No questions asked.

I realize that this entire package is worth over $279.00+ but I get it for just $97  $37…

As long as I act RIGHT NOW!

I also understand that I get instant digital access… So, I can use the information in the next 5 minutes. I can view the information on my computer, burn it to a CD or print out the pages I need.

Regular Price $279+ Today $37

NOTE: Small House™ is a digital product. You will receive access to the entire system immediately after you order – even if it’s 2am!

Bob Mccan
Building Contractor
Creator of Small House Made Easy™

P.S. Remember, this is the only program on the market written by the world’s #1 authority on Small House. It contains ALL MY SECRETS from my 20 years in the business and 300+ successful Small House projects. It will give you everything you need to build your Small House in the quickest … easiest … most cost effective way possible!

P.P.S. Please bear in mind that the price of Small House ™ is incredibly low, and has been deliberately kept low. However, I cannot guarantee that the price will remain this low on a permanent basis. So if you come back tomorrow and the price has changed to $67 or more, you have been warned!

P.P.P.S. Being sceptical is natural, but I’ve made sure that there’s absolutely no risk to you! When you order Small House™ you are fully protected by a rock-solid 7-day money-back guarantee.

You risk absolutely NOTHING!

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